A home for your tie

Your tie defines your style more than any other piece or accessory you wear. Protect the centerpiece of your appearance with the best product on the market: tiepipe.

tiepipe keeps your tie safe.

tiepipe is versatile and easy to use.

tiepipe is not only sturdy but also water resistant

Why we created tiepipe for you

We know there are a thousand ways to store and transport a tie.

However, till date, we have not found a way that guarantees the tie will survive.

That is until we created tiepipe.

tiepipeĀ embraces your tie and keeps it safe from all the dangers of a tie’s life:

  • Falling down – tiepipe is made from tough materials. While you can destroy a tiepipe if you really want to, a simple drop won’t do that trick. You have to try harder šŸ™‚
  • Eaten by a zipper – the worst thing that can happen to a tie in transport: you have to pack your bag in a rush and as you zip up….Ā rrrsssss….Ā tie R.I.P.
  • Crumbled up – we learned the best way to store your tie is rolled up gently. That is exactly what you do when you store your tie in your tiepipe.

And on top, we have added a small compartment for your cufflinks and tie bar, which will keep these safe as well – and holds your tie in place, so you even cannot shake it loose.

About us

The team that made tiepipeĀ happen. Well… nearly… the Kickstarter campaign is being prepared and we will announce it once we go live with it. If you want to subscribe, so you are the first to pledge and snatch up our Early Bird surprise, here you can:

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Still, here we are, proud to be different!

StefanĀ is the creative mind behind tiepipe. He had the idea and has been polishing it since December 2014, building a great international team along the way.

Special AgentĀ AlmaĀ is our multitalent. From social media over internet research to Photoshop design work, somehow she does everything and is damn good at it.

LamarĀ turns Stefanā€™s ideas and squiggly sketches into beautiful pieces of art. He is a wizard in his field and there would be no tiepipe without him.


If you want to get in touch with us, for any reason šŸ˜‰

  • You like the product
  • You want to cheer us on
  • You would like to know how to get your logo onto tiepipe (after all, it is designed for that)
  • You want to say hi!
  • …or anything else that comes to your mind…

PleaseĀ visit me on LinkedInĀ and send me a contact request!

~ Stefan